Blue Flower

Queen City Kamikaze 2016

March 12, 2016


Manchester Memorial High School


COSPLAY CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: This year to speed things along for the Cosplay Contest, you MUST have your entries in for any Craftsmanship categories by 1:30 PM to qualify for prizes!

After 1:30 you can still enter to do a walk-on or skit, but you will not be eligible for any of our craftsmanship prizes or Best In Show. Performance entries can be submitted until 2:00 PM.

Craftsmanship judging will be held in the Panel room from NOON to 1:30 PM. If you are entering any of the Craftsmanship categories, please show up at the panel room between those times to check in and have your sit-down with the judges.

We will make an announcement in the Auditorium when we are ready to take more people in for judging when the line goes down. If you are entering the contest you must be in the Auditorium at 1:45 to be seated. The show begins promptly at 2:00 PM, and we hope to see you guys there!

Guest Author: Tony Tremblay

Tony Tremblay is a member of the New England Horror Writers and will be appearing at Queen City Kamikaze at the Books and Boos table. Stop by and get a book and talk with him and the other authors there.

DJ O'Connor is an aspiring comic book artist, who is a regular on the New England convention scene. He also participated in both the 2014 and 2015 New York Comic Cons. Influenced by comic artists like Michael Turner, DJ's unique style has lead him to work with several independent pro-wrestlers, including Ring of Honor star Wildman Kongo. 

Guest Author: Rob Smales

"I'm a mailman by day, but by night, and early in the morning, I pound the keys writing things that would have my co-workers looking at me...differently."


Twitter: @RobSmales


Guest Author: Stacey Longo

“Born in Connecticut in the 70s, I grew up with two parents that had the audacity to be loving and supportive role models (don't worry, I was able to successfully create my own angst despite their best efforts). My sister and I found ourselves growing up among the fluorescent nightmare that was the 80s, awash in legwarmers and off-the-shoulder "Flashdance" tees. It was our love for Duran Duran that got us through these tumultuous fashion times.

After college (WE ARE--PENN STATE!) I moved to Block Island, RI, where I eventually began my writing career as a weekly humor columnist for the Block Island Times. For six years, I waxed poetic on such topics as how to disguise dust bunnies as wall-to-wall carpeting and how difficult it is to tell the difference between wild grass and corn when weeding the garden. During this time, I also published articles in the Island Crier and The Works Magazine.

 In 2005, I returned to my home state of Connecticut amid little fanfare, something I haven't quite gotten over (where's my ticker-tape parade, people?). I work as a copy editor to support my writing habit, and live an anxiety-ridden, caffeine-injected life with my husband Jason and two cats, Wednesday and Pugsley.”


Twitter: @staceyblongo


 Guest Author: Matthew Phillion

Matthew Phillion is the author of the YA superhero novel series, the Indestructibles, filmmaker, and actor. The latest book in the Indestructibles series, Like a Comet, was released in early 2016. He also wrote and directed the award-nominated Certainly Never (2013).  He lives in Salem, Mass., with his loyal dog Watson, who is not particularly helpful in solving crimes.



Author Facebook:

Twitter: @mattphillion

Instagram: @mattphillion

Guest Author: Jam Blute 

Jam Blute is an emerging author with a selection of short stories published in literary magazines. She's addicted to multimedia storytelling and has studied creative writing, narrative design, acting and improvisation, and screenplay writing. Jam has hosted a variety of workshops on creative writing and character design at schools, bookstores, and conventions in New England. She lives in Derry, NH and bakes more than her roommates could eat in a year.